Mufti Ibrahim Essa is a renowned and trusted Shariah Advisor to many premier institutions. Over the course of 11 years, he completed a ‘Dars-e-Nizami’ course followed by a degree in ‘Takhassus-fil-Iftah’, from Dar-ul-Uloom, Karachi, where he studied under the supervision of well-known scholars such as Mufti M. Taqi Usmani and …Read More

TCF is indeed, a citizens’ movement. What started 22 years ago with five schools established by TCF’s Founders, has evolved into a global tide of hope, resolve and collective action.

Today, TCF’s alumni are at some of the best institutions of higher education (LUMS, IBA, FAST, Dow, Habib Univ., NED, United …Read More

Inspiring Hope through Education!

TCF recently held events across Karachi, Lahore and Dubai to celebrate the achievements of its outstanding alumni.  Witnessing the full scale of the impact of education takes time and patience. Today, the TCF family is overcome with overwhelming pride to see most of our alumni pass out with flying colours …Read More

Celebrating the mission of TCF!

Supporting worthy causes is not without its own challenges, helping the deserving and needy is harder than it may appear, and good intentions are rarely enough. Impactful philanthropy is rewarding but simultaneously challenging. In my view there are few causes that are as meaningful as supporting quality education in a …Read More

TCF’s Zakat Management process is certified to be Shariah compliant

The following is an excerpt from the interview conducted with Mufti Ibrahim Essa, Shariah advisor for The Citizens Foundation. Mufti Essa completed an 8-year ‘Dars-e-Nizami’ course followed by a 3 year degree in ‘Takhassus-fil-Iftah’, from Dar-ul-Uloom, Karachi, one of Pakistan’s premier institutions for religious training. Having studied under the supervision …Read More

TCF College – The Bridge to Tertiary Education

TCF’s first college in Karachi with a capacity of 400 students, commenced operations this year. The College is part of TCF’s response to the significant challenges TCF alumni face after their Matriculation. With virtually no classes being conducted even at well-regarded government colleges in Karachi, most students at these institutions …Read More

April 2016: Schools opened to a new Chapter in TCF’s History

Having crossed the 1000 school units milestone, TCF has now launched its Government Schools Programme (GSP) to enter into Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the provincial governments in order to realise its goal for further expansion and outreach. TCF intends to utilise its experience and professional expertise to effectively manage the adopted …Read More