Success Stories


Date: Apr 17, 14 Her unwavering spirit

Shakila was born in a family where education has been just a far-fetched dream. Being an orphan and living with her relatives, Shakila has seen a tough life where the basic necessities of life were a constant battle. “After the demise of my parents, me and my two sisters knew that we have to move on with our lives” she reflects.

Life went on and she found a job at a government school for Rs. 500/month. She soon switched and joined TCF; Shakila now teaches at TCF Ms. Haseena Raja Campus in... Read More

Date: Apr 10, 14 A proud mother

Summoning the courage to better her life, Musarrat decided to work as an aya at TCF Houston Campus VI in Taiser town, Karachi to support herself and her family. Her husband, who works as a house painter tries very hard to make both ends meet but despite all his effort his income remains insufficient to fully support the expenses. “I wanted to help my husband improve our life, after inquiring from a few people in my community I decided to join TCF school”.

It was only after she joined TCF... Read More

Date: Apr 03, 14 A leap of faith

Haleema was just a child when she lost her father. She is the eldest of all her siblings and therefore took on the responsibility of helping her mother run the house and raise her siblings. Despite her longing to attend school, she was not able to do so due to the financial state of her family. In order to support her family and increase their income, she joined her mother in working at people’s houses. Haleema was intent on working at a salon but the owner refused to hire her as she was not... Read More

Date: Mar 27, 14 Kumar the hero

The 12 year old Hero Kumar is a hero in real life. An ordinary boy with an extraordinary passion for education. A grade V student at PPL III Suriani Campus in Kandhkot, Kashmore, Hero is a diligent student and a position holder in his class.

His father is a cobbler with an impaired hearing ability who works hard to make both ends meet and supports his family.

Hero aware of his circumstances, works at a tailor shop as an assistant “I spend my time at the tailor shop after school hours... Read More

Date: Feb 26, 14 Walking the extra mile

Shiraz Rafiq is a grade V student at TCF Parco II Campus in Muzaffargarh – Punjab. An ordinary 10 year old boy with an extraordinary determination, Shiraz lives in a far flung village known as Daychay wala which is approx 9-10 kilometers away from his school. ‘My brother and I go to school in a rickshaw every day I used to be scared initially but not is the only way to get ahead in life’ he adds with a smile.

Back at home his father works as a labourer in a local factory while... Read More

Date: Feb 12, 14 An epitome of hope

Muhammad Awais is an apt example of resilience in the face of adversity and trauma. A grade II student at TCF Yaqoot Campus in Khushab, this little boy became a source of inspiration for his entire community for his courage and optimism.

Who would have known that childhood games could turn into a life altering trauma. During his summer vacations Awais was busy playing on his rooftop when he found a metal rod stuck in a tree. Out of curiosity, he reached out for it and the rod collided with a... Read More

Date: Feb 10, 14 A proud student

It had been a childhood dream of Nasreen’s to be able to go to school, which remained a dream as her parents couldn’t afford education for her. She would watch her brothers go off to school every morning, while she would help her mother and sisters with household chores. She yearned to join her brothers in school. “I used to look through their school books and only be able to relate to the pictures, wondering what was written,” she reflects.

Decades passed, but her longing to go to school... Read More

Date: Feb 03, 14 Not giving up on education

Ramzan Anwar is a grade V student of TCF Abdul Rashid Campus, which is located in a small town called Halloki in Lahore. Tackling a labyrinth of challenges, this 12 year old boy has not given up on education. In order to support the family two of Ramzan’s brothers work in a garment factory, he too tries to contribute in the household income by working at a small community clinic. ‘I cannot read prescriptions at the moment, but if I keep going to school, I can become a doctor someday and serve... Read More

Date: Jan 27, 14 Standing tall

Rashida is a perfect example of perseverance. Hailing from a small village in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, she fought for her right and completed her matriculation from a government college, despite constant opposition from her community. After getting married, she got involved with fulfilling her domestic responsibilities.

Rashida now works as an aaya at TCF PSO II Campus in Mansehra. It was a happy day for her when she discovered the possibility of not only supporting herself in a protected... Read More

Date: Jan 20, 14 A new dawn

Razia Bibi is a middle-aged woman who was not fortunate enough to receive education as a child.

Her life was a smooth sail when she married and settled down to raise her family. Then misfortune struck when her husband passed away in an untimely and tragic accident. Since then she has had to raise her children alone. As she struggled to bear the expenditures of raising and educating her children and covering all the household expenses, she wished she had studied so that she could provide... Read More

Date: Jan 13, 14 Breaking barriers

Syeda Laiba Noor joined TCF when she was just 7 years old. She is now 12 and studies in grade V, at TCF Chaman Kotli Azeem Khan Campus - Muzaffarabad. She came in as an extremely shy girl, who was hesitant to talk to people and had trouble trusting those around her. Laiba used to be a very under-confident and scared child; she was afraid that if she confided in people, they wouldn’t give her any importance and wouldn’t take her hopes and dreams seriously. She grew up in a family where talent... Read More

Date: Jan 06, 14 Aiming high

Deprived of his parent’s affection at the tender age of three, Mohsin had never imagined going to school and bearing a normal life. For him, his grandparents became his real parents. They have been very supportive of his education and had him enrolled at the TCF Seattle Campus in Kasur, Punjab. Mohsin is now studying in Grade III. But life’s obstacles have made him grasp the grave realities of life before his due time.

Mohsin’s grandmother makes a living by working as a maid, and Mohsin... Read More