Khadija, the footballer from Lyari

  November 30, 2020   

Nine-year-old Khadija, hailing from Lyari, a slum in Karachi, is not shy to dream big! She grew up playing football in the narrow streets and alleys of her neighbourhood, and dreams of becoming a professional footballer one day.

We believe Khadija can achieve her dreams if she returns to school. But her father, previously a security guard, has been jobless since the pandemic and her mother is working long hours as house help to make ends meet. Due to the decline in household income and increased domestic responsibilities, Khadija’s parents don’t think they will be able to send their daughter back to school when it reopens. But the principal at the TCF school she is enrolled in is trying hard to convince them by offering additional fee concessions and flexibility in school hours.

You can prevent Khadija and thousands of girls like her from losing out on their dreams by supporting their education.

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