Mufti Ibrahim Essa is a renowned and trusted Shariah Advisor to many premier institutions. Over the course of 11 years, he completed a ‘Dars-e-Nizami’ course followed by a degree in ‘Takhassus-fil-Iftah’, from Dar-ul-Uloom, Karachi, where he studied under the supervision of well-known scholars such as Mufti M. Taqi Usmani and Mufti Rafi Usmani.

Here Mufti Essa outlines TCF’s process of managing Zakat under his supervision:

TCF follows the ‘Wakala’ model of Zakat where the parents of deserving students nominate TCF as a ‘Wakil’ (agent) and authorise the organisation to receive Zakat on their behalf, to be spent on their children’s educational expense.

All proceeds collected by TCF as Zakat are maintained in a separate Islamic banking account used specifically for this purpose. The funds are then utilised through the course of the year on certain pre-approved operational expenses. Every quarter, I perform a thorough review of Zakat expenses to ensure that Zakat is being applied correctly.

Many people mistakenly believe that Zakat can only be given directly to individuals or families and not to organisations. This is simply not true. Zakat can be given to anyone who is ‘Mustahiq’ or qualifies for receiving Zakat, either directly or through an organisation or intermediary, provided the money is spent according to the rules stipulated by Islam.

When it comes to formal education of the children of deserving parents, it is a noble act, as seeking and obtaining education is a beneficial pursuit for both self and society and Islam places great is a beneficial pursuit for both self and society and Islam places great emphasis upon it.


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