Mother Tongue, Urdu or English? – Live Webinar

While schools in Pakistan have shifted to becoming “English-medium,” TCF has remained firmly Urdu-medium. Ten years ago, TCF began developing its own textbooks and curriculum in Urdu. Today, following three years of research, TCF has announced a move to providing education in the languages that children speak at home. Join this webinar to hear about TCF’s research-based approach to language and how it has worked in practice.

Date: Wednesday, 3rd February 2021
Time: 9pm PKT | 11am EST | 4pm GMT

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This event has ended. You can watch a recording of the webinar below.

The Panel

Ateed Riaz

Co-Founder and
Chairman – TCF

Syed Abul Fazal Rizvi

Thar Foundation

Riaz Kamlani

Moderator and

Ajay Pinjani

Lead Researcher and
Senior Manager – TCF

Zubeida Mustafa

Senior Journalist

Nadia Naviwala

Nonresident Fellow
The Wilson Center

Farooq Bajwa

Author of “Pakistan: A Historic and
Contemporary Look”

Faisal Bari

Interim Dean – SOE

Stephen Walter

Dallas International University

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