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This year’s Back to School time is like no other!

Amidst excitement of a new school year; students, teachers and parents are faced with unique challenges as they get ready to adjust to the ‘new normal’ in education and cope with learning losses due to prolonged school closures caused by COVID-19. less privileged children are far more vulnerable to the impact of this crisis.

According to Save the Children Report 2020, Pakistan is one of 12 countries ‘at extreme risk’ of increased school dropouts due to COVID-19.

Children may be forced to work as their families fall deeper into poverty. Girls, in particular, might never return to school.

As TCF prepares for re-opening schools in September, our principals and teachers across Pakistan are actively in touch with parents to ensure that all our children return to their schools safely.

Help TCF bring less privileged children back to school and keep their dreams alive!

TCF Moves Forward with a Four-Pronged Plan





Beyond COVID-19 Lies a New Normal & New Opportunities

We have developed our school reopening
guidelines in four key areas

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