Membership Program

As a Member of the Education Movement

You will be an active part of the solution to the education crisis

You will receive regular information about the progress of our organization’s work

You will be invited to our school and supporter events

Other ways to donate

Cheque or Cash Pickup

To have your donation in the form of a cheque or cash picked from your doorstep,
call our toll-free helpline at 0800-00823

Direct Bank Deposits or Transfer

Transfer your Zakat or donations in favour of The Citizens Foundation in our selected banks

Raise Funds Online

Start fundraising for TCF by creating your own digital campaign or teaming up with your friends at

Our Other Causes

Educate a Child KG-to-Matric

Your donation will support the education of a child from KG to Matriculation for Rs. 185,000

Support a School Unit

Your donation of Rs. 230,000 will cover all operating expenses for a school unit.

Innovation in Education Fund

Your donation will help improve and update existing library resources available to our students.

General Endowment Fund

You can support TCF projects & initiatives aimed at improving and expanding our scale of operations.

Alumni Scholarship Fund

Your donation will facilitate alumni career counselling, support & scholarships for TCF graduates.

Community Development & Female Empowerment Fund

You can support TCF projects & initiatives aimed at uplifting community resources & empowering women.

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