Easy ways to give!

Donate Online

Click here to donate online using any Visa or MasterCard.

Donate by Cheque

You can donate through cheques or bank drafts made out in favour of “The Citizens Foundation”. To have these cheques picked up from your doorstep, simply call 0800 00 823 or fill out this online donation form.

You can also send your cheque by courier to: The Citizens Foundation, Plot No. 20, Sector 14, Near Brookes Chowrangi, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposits or transfers can be made into our accounts at any of the banks mentioned below. Select your preferred bank from the list below to see the TCF account details. If you wish to receive a receipt acknowledging your Zakat or donation after making a direct deposit, please email us at info@tcf.org.pk

Donate through online banking

Customers of the following banks can now easily donate through their internet banking portal.

Benefit to the Donor
Tax Exemption on Donations to The Citizens Foundation

Through Finance Act, 2012, the name of The Citizens Foundation has been added in a new sub-clause (ia) of clause (61) of Part I
of Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. Effective 01 July 2012 an individual or association of persons can avail
payment of any donation amount to The Citizens Foundation as admissible deduction up to thirty percent (30%) of their taxable
income of the year. A company can also avail payment of donation amount to The Citizens Foundation as admissible deduction
up to twenty percent (20%) of its taxable income of the year.

Shariah Compliance Certification

TCF uses all funds received as Zakat only for Zakat eligible expenses. The process of managing Zakat funds is certified to be Shariah compliant by our Shariah Advisor. To review our Fatwa, please click here