Ilm Ka Aangan Magazine – Making great reading material for children

TCF began publishing an edutainment magazine, Ilm Ka Aangan, for primary and secondary school learners separately. Each issue features a variety of fun exercises including math quizzes, riddles, DIY activities, reading comprehension, stories and much more. Copies of the magazine are collected fortnightly by TCF students or parents from school campuses across our network. TCF is continuing offering this magazine to students for the next two to three years.

Every issue of the Ilm ka Aangan magazine is being reviewed and edited by Salim Mughal sahab, Ex Editor-in-Chief of the Hamdard Naunehal magazine started for children in Pakistan in 1953. 

182,000+ copies of each issue are being distributed in Urdu and Sindhi languages.

It is separately being ordered by 96+ branches of 21 other low-cost school systems as well.


Primary – Issue 1
Primary – Issue 2
Primary – Issue 3
Primary – Issue 4
Primary – Issue 5


Secondary – Issue 1
Secondary – Issue 2
Secondary – Issue 3
Secondary – Issue 4
Secondary – Issue 5

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