Season of Giving – YEC 2021

Prolonged school closures caused by COVID-19 have exacerbated the education crisis in Pakistan. Before the pandemic, millions of less privileged children were already out of school. Now, another one million are expected to drop out due to the impact of the pandemic* – losing out on their hopes and dreams forever.

For 26 years, TCF has remained resolute in its promise to give the less privileged children a quality education and a fair chance to pursue their dreams. As schools reopen, we are committed to bringing our children back into the safe havens of their classrooms – where they can experience the joy of learning once again.

Two generous donors have offered to match all your donations to TCF until 31st December.

This Season of Giving, please join us in reigniting dreams!

*The estimated dropout number has been quoted by The World Bank in its report ‘Learning Losses in Pakistan due to COVID-19 school closures.

Give less privileged children the
joy of dreaming again

Our priorities to keep education alive

Despite the disruption caused by COVID-19 school closures, we are committed to
bringing our children back to school and keeping their dreams alive.

School reopening and recovery

Safe Reopening

We are ensuring that precautionary measures against
COVID-19 SOPs are in place.

Remediation Programme

We’re implementing a structured remediation programme based on global best practices to help students recover from learning losses.

Preventing school drop-outs

Our teachers and principals are ensuring all children, particularly girls, return to school.

Prioritising mental health & well-being

We have embedded a dedicated time, ‘Khair Maqdam’ (Welcome), during which we engage children in stress and anxiety management activities.

“I feel so happy and relaxed after the Khair Maqdam period. Our teacher asks us how we are doing and feeling and also makes us do fun exercises.”

Zainab | Class 4
TCF school Professor Yameen Muhammad,
Machar Colony, Karachi.

Reimagining Education

Early Years Programme

We have revamped our Early Years Education Programme based on global best practices and introduced play, stories and reflection to help our children build 21st-century skills.

MTB MLE Programme

We have developed a mother tongue based multilingual education (MTB-MLE) model in partnership with the Thar Foundation for our schools in Tharparkar, Sindh where children in the early years are being taught in their mother tongue before gradually transitioning to foreign languages.

Digital Innovation

We are introducing a new, cutting-edge digital literacy curriculum and blended learning opportunities to develop digital literacy skills and provide our students with a robust, 21st-century learning experience.

Partnership Schools

We’re reforming TCF-adopted Government schools through quality interventions and rebuilding education infrastructure.

“I was not good at drawing and would easily give up. But one day my teacher read us a story called Jhoola Jhoolti Makri (The Swinging Spider) during story time which was about a spider who kept spinning its web even though it was breaking again and again. It made me realise I shouldn’t give up on drawing and keep trying too.”

Ahmad Umair | Class 5
TCF school Riaz Tata Campus,
Korangi, Karachi.

Teacher Support

Priority Vaccination

We’re ensuring all TCF teachers and principals across Pakistan are vaccinated.

Learning & Development

We have resumed our extensive annual training programmes for our teachers and principals across Pakistan.