If you have a few hours to spare every week, a heart eager to serve and the desire to make a real difference, then this is your calling to sign up for the Baghbaan Ambassador Programme and have a thrilling volunteering experience! As a Baghbaan Ambassador, you’ll be at the forefront of TCF’s education movement to raise awareness and funds for the cause of education in Pakistan.

Baghbaan Programme is focused on the following objectives:

• Create awareness about the pressing education emergency in Pakistan and highlight how TCF is playing its part to mitigate the situation.

• Rally your network of family and friends to raise funds to educate the marginalised children of Pakistan.

• Develop servant-leaders – Produce individuals who are motivated to serve a higher purpose, and who strive to serve others as that is the true essence of leadership.

The TCF Baghbaan Team welcomes you to be a part of the TCF volunteer family and change the lives of millions of children in Pakistan. Your support and time invested will be crucial in having a life-changing impact on the less privileged children of Pakistan. Together, we can do this!

“The TCF Baghbaan programme has truly transformed my personality and outlook on life. Through dedicating just a few hours each week, I have witnessed the powerful impact we can create for underprivileged children in Pakistan. The program has connected me with like-minded individuals, allowing me to learn the joy of giving back to society. The professional fundraising guidelines and training provided have equipped me with the skills to make a significant difference. Overall, this program has instilled in me the value of empathy, compassion, and gratitude, shaping me into an agent of positive change.”- Hajra Liaquat, Graphic Designer

“Why Baghbaan? Education is the basis of all nations who wish to progress. To make education reachable to every individual, we need a good education system and schools. To sustain these schools, we need dedicated people. These people are the Baghbaans, just like a baghbaan or mali nourishes a garden, so do Baghbaans help the schools to flourish. It will help Pakistan to rise in the comity of nations”Uvays Muqtadir, Ex-Technical Manager Ericsson

    If you are located outside Pakistan and interested in volunteering, please register for the Baghbaan Ambassador Program – Direct (for overseas Pakistanis) instead.