TCF Partners with the Karachi Literature Festival to Garner Support for Education!

This year, TCF partnered with the Karachi Literature Festival (KLF), which held its 8th edition in February. Recognising a congruence between the event and its own mission to educate, TCF set up a stall to reach out to authors, panelists and intellectuals in attendance. Here, employees engaged with guests and disseminated information pertaining to the organisation and its various initiatives. A lively photo booth was also set up where supporters had their photos taken and recorded videos of support which were shared on TCF’s social media platforms.

The stall captured the interest of participants and delegates alike, many of whom also pledged to support the foundation’s mission for education and social change. Among these was Bobby Sager, a leading American businessman and philanthropist, who has been an avid supporter and has financed one of TCF’s Teacher Training Centres in Mansehra. He was joined by Mr. Raza Rabbani, Senator and a key political figure, Mr. Junaid Iqbal, CEO, Careem and prominent social activist and lawyer Mr. Jibran Nasir. Notable journalists Mr. Zarrar Khuhro and Mr. Mosharraf Zaidi pledged their support for TCF’s Classroom Campaign. Senior artists and writers from literary circle, Zia Moheyeddin, Azra Moheyeddin and Omer Shahid Hamid also interacted with the TCF team.


TCF is driven by the conviction that education leads to informed and empowered citizens and in doing so, it serves as a powerful antidote to most social ills plaguing our society. Today, TCF is spreading the light of education through its 1,441 school units across the country which serve as beacons of hope in the communities within which they operate. We are able to have an impact only because of the support and commitment we continue to receive from our global network of donors, supporters and volunteers. It is these very people who have helped shape TCF into a global movement for social change. We are immensely gratified that at this KLF, many more joined in our movement, enabling us to carry on with renewed vigour.

It is heartening to note that KLF is playing an increasingly important role in reviving the love of books and intellectual inquiry. Bringing notable authors, thinkers and policy makers on one platform, KLF serves as a forum for the public to engage with them and participate in the discourse around important socio-economic issues of our times. We, at TCF, believe that such initiatives truly complement formal education and help shape a better informed and tolerant society.

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