Our Goodwill Ambassadors

The Citizens Foundation partners with Goodwill Ambassadors to actively mobilise the public in support of the cause of education via media relations opportunities, cause marketing programs and public policy initiatives. Additionally, each member demonstrates sincere concern for the education crisis by participating in local volunteer opportunities

Photo of Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan

“Education is the best gift that we can give to any child. I have joined hands with TCF to support their mission to provide quality education for the less privileged”

Photo of Hareem Farooq
Hareem Farooq

“Education makes a child’s universe limitless – so just imagine where Pakistan can be if all our children are able to get this basic civil right and shine bright?”

Photo of Ali Rehman
Ali Rehman

“Investment in education for the less privileged children is the only way to build an educated Pakistan. Lets bring more children off the streets and in to schools and give them a chance to transform their lives.”

Photo of Faiza Saleem with TCF students
Faiza Saleem

“TCF is a wonderful non-profit organisation that has done some incredible work with regards to educating the less privileged children in Pakistan and has success stories that amaze beyond belief. I’m working closely with them to raise support for the cause of girls’ education so we can give more girls a chance to build a brighter future.”

photo of Ayesha Omar
Ayesha Omar

“When you donate for quality education, you invest for a lifetime. What startles me most about TCF is that it has an equal enrolment ratio for girls and boy – giving equal opportunities to young men and women to build a better future for themselves.”

Sidra Iqbal

“TCF has a brilliant legacy of a positive learning environment and the opportunities of excellence which helps their students to believe in their dreams and break the cycle of poverty.”