This Independence Day, empower less privileged
children to dream through education.

The freedom to dream begins with education…

From stepping into a classroom for the first time, reading and discovering new things every day, to imagining a future full of endless possibilities – education empowers us with the abilities, conviction and freedom to shape our future.

Today, many children living in poverty await the life-changing opportunity of an education. They deserve a fair chance to go to school and dream of a better future.

As we unite to celebrate Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day, pledge to support the education of one child and impact a life forever.

Fits your budget

By giving monthly, you can choose to donate what’s easy for you and create long-term impact through your recurring donations.

Meets your Zakat requirements

You can set up your monthly donations as Zakat and be assured that you are fulfilling your obligation. Donations can also be marked as Sadqah or general donations.


By setting up recurring payments via credit card, your donation occurs automatically every month. You can change the amount or cancel any time.

Join a community of changemakers

By donating as little as PKR 2,000 per month, you will be joining our community of dedicated members who want to solve the education crisis in Pakistan.

Don’t want to give monthly?
Make a one-time donation to provide quality education.