Gul Muhammad is going the extra mile!

  August 18, 2023   

At a roadside dhaba (tea shack) in Qasim Bughio village in Hala (Sindh), TCF student Gul Muhammad brews and serves tea from sundown to midnight. Gul Muhammad stepped up to take this job after his father fell severely ill and his mother’s sole earnings as a farmer could not make ends meet.

Gul Muhammad earns seventy rupees every day for his hard-earned labour! Upon returning home, he gets a few hours of sleep before he wakes up early to go to school where he spends his day learning.

“I really look forward to using the tablet during Computer class,” shares Gul Muhammad, who is a student of Grade 8. Despite the hardships in his life, he is determined to make something of his life. “I want to complete my studies and run my own restaurant one day,” he adds with a smile.

Gul Muhammad is going the extra mile to support his family and build a better future!