Students Raise Funds and Sing Along at Obhartay Sitaray 2017!

  March 14, 2017   

Obhartay Sitaray (OS) is one of TCF’s most colorful and entertaining events that allows our young generation to raise funds for TCF and celebrate their love of music while doing so. The platform provides students from various schools across Karachi an opportunity to showcase their singing mettle, and support TCF in its drive to educate less-privileged children so that they too can join their ranks and become productive members of society. Drawn from over 140 schools in Karachi and Lahore, over 60,000 students participated in the fundraising drive, collecting funds to support the operations of 6 TCF schools for the year.

Preceded by two weeks of elimination rounds and the Voices Final, the Grand Final of Obhartay Sitaray brought together 68 individuals and 28 teams and featured singing maestros Tina Sani, Salman Alvi and Yousaf Kerai on the jury panel. Competing students were divided into four groups (Primary, Secondary, Senior & College), with each comprised of teams who rendered performances in the ‘Patriotic song’, ‘Pop song’ and ‘Ghazals’ genres. The young singers captivated the audience with their heartfelt, energetic performances drawing much applause and appreciation from those present at the event. In addition to serenading the audience and judges with their melodies, the talented students demonstrated their philanthropic side and donated generously to further TCF’s mission of social change through education.

TCF students also participated in this melodious gala, a reflection of the fact that TCF students are given equal opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities. Taking part in events such as these gives them a chance to stand side by side with students from other schools while giving them an opportunity to prove their singing talent.

The Supporters of the Citizens Foundation (STCF), the dynamic women’s volunteer group conceptualized the event and rolled out the first edition of Obhartay Sitaray in 2012. Today, they continue to successfully plan and execute the much awaited event which has now come to acquire prominence and a significant fan following among schools and music fans across Karachi.
With its growing popularity, Obhartay Sitaray held its first edition in Lahore this year where 47 students from 23 teams represented 11 schools from the city.