TCF & LUMS sign an agreement to facilitate admissions of TCF Alumni in tertiary institutions

  September 24, 2019   

The Citizens Foundation and the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Centre for Business & Society (CBS), which is a part of the Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB), signed an agreement to facilitate TCF Alumni in seeking admissions in undergraduate programmes.

Through education, research, and experiential learning at the grassroots level, CBS works with the broader community to develop novel and innovative solutions to complex social problems, and inculcates within its graduates a strong commitment to social responsibility. TCF and LUMS signed an agreement to facilitate the TCF Alumni in seeking admissions in undergraduate programs.

The agreement was signed by Riaz Kamlani, Executive Vice President of TCF and The Vice Chancellor of LUMS, Dr Arshad Ahmad, at the LUMS University, Lahore. The ceremony was attended by members of LUMS and the TCF management.

TCF and CBS LUMS have agreed to collaborate to facilitate the admission of meritorious TCF Alumni in tertiary institutions. This will ensure that maximum efforts are put in every year to help prepare a good number of meritorious TCF Alumni for admission in various undergraduate degree programmes, including LUMS.

The project entails setting up TCF Ambassadors at LUMS, a body of student volunteers under the supervision of the CBS team which will conduct information sessions and preparatory classes for the TCF students to prepare them for the tertiary universities including LUMS.

On this occasion, Riaz Kamlani, said, “Through collaborations like these, TCF Alumni can have a great exposure and can build a better future for themselves. Only by working together, we can resolve the educational crisis’. “I would like to thank LUMS for joining hands with us and furthering our mission to educate the children of Pakistan”, he added.

Regarding the collaboration, Dr. Alnoor Bhimani said, “Good education empowers good education. The TCF-CBS partnership opens up educational possibilities to those who lack access. In doing so, this allows for the cultivation of a learning environment where all key players not only benefit from each other, but also help each other grow in unprecedented ways.”

Approximately 23% of TCF Alumni is able to seek admissions at the tertiary institutions. This percentage will increase with the help of Alumni Development Program which is on field teaching initiative designed to help TCF alumni secure admission in the best universities in Pakistan and abroad. This collaboration will help TCF students get access to the universities and the preparation required in order to avail the admission in the under graduate programs.