Holding onto hope in Ramzan Kareem! ?

  April 24, 2020   

This story is part of our COVID-19 Response.
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As the sun set behind the glorious mountains of Kingran, Muzaffarabad, both Khizra and Adnan, students of class 3 and 4 respectively, at the TCF School, Happy Hearts Campus, gathered around the radio set with their family. Anxiety filled up their hearts as they waited for news of the Ramzan moon sighting. The beginning of this blessed month had never been this uncertain for them.

Every year, as soon as the announcement for Ramzan was made, Khizra and Adnan would hustle about to begin preparations for selling samosas and pakoras (traditional fried snacks) at their little shop in the neighbourhood over the next month.

Most of their time after school would be spent at the shop. Khizra would be busy frying while Adnan would pack the goodies in small paper sachets and hand them to customers. This was an important time of the year for them: the extra income helped their father, who earned very little as a daily wage labourer to keep the household afloat.

But this year things have taken a dark turn for this family. The last few weeks have been extremely difficult. Their father, owing to the extended coronavirus lockdown, has not been able to find any work and the family is struggling to keep their shop open. Even though there seems to be no end in sight for this pandemic, Khizra and Adnan are hopeful that this month of Ramzan will bring blessings and peace for everyone.

TCF is reaching out to families in its school communities under its COVID-19 Response Appeal to provide economic relief and put meals on the table during Ramzan. Please join us in being a source of hope for those in need.

We wish you and your family a blessed month of Ramzan!