Ilm Ka Aangan, every Tuesday at 10:45 a.m. on PTV Teleschool

  April 17, 2020   ,

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We are extremely excited to share that TCF is producing and presenting a 45-minute colourful and engaging show for kids by the name of “Ilm Ka Aangan” (The Learning Courtyard). The show will be aired every Tuesday at 10:45 a.m. PKT on PTV Teleschool – a dedicated TV channel for virtual learning launched by the Ministry of Federal Education Pakistan.

This programme is structured around early childhood education that TCF follows in its classrooms nationwide. Successive episodes will engage children through theme-based videos, activities, storytelling sessions by renowned actor Sania Saeed, physical exercise segments and much more.

TCF is proud to be a part of this effort being made by the Government to facilitate continuity of learning amid school closures. You can view the episodes on YouTube after they air on TV.