Azhar is Pursuing His Dream Education

  October 11, 2021   ,

The Citizens Foundation has always been committed in its mission to positively impact the future of its students, but 2019 marked a significant moment for the student body at TCF. The Professionals Academy of Commerce and TCF signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will allow five new students to enrol in PAC to study Chartered Accountancy every year. PAC has taken the responsibility of paying the tuition fee, the cost of books for TCF students and providing them with any facility that will help them complete their degree. Due to this partnership, TCF students now have the opportunity to pursue a Chartered Accountant certification from a top-notch institution in the country.

Presently six students from TCF are enrolled at PAC – amongst them is Azhar Saleem. Azhar completed his matriculation from TCF Secondary School 47/MB Jauharabad Campus, and achieved a high score of 94%. His teachers always knew that he was destined for great things, and along with his Principal, hoped that Azhar would be able to pursue education that would help him become the best version of himself.

Azhar enrolled in Superior College Jauharabad for his intermediate and graduated with a respectable 75% and an A grade. After graduating, Azhar was at a crossroads. He knew that he wanted to pursue higher education and had a passion for becoming a chartered accountant; however, financial difficulties prevented him from pursuing his dreams.

Azhar’s elder brothers were already studying so there were limited finances to pay for his education. Someone had to begin earning for the family at home as well, so Azhar decided to be the one to sacrifice on his education. He moved to Lahore and joined a Pharmaceutical Company as a worker. He worked on machines and as a packer – both low skilled and low paying jobs with limited opportunity for growth, but because of a lack of alternatives Azhar had no choice but to begin working.

Azhar had made peace with his circumstances when the Alumni team at TCF reached out to him with an offer that would change his life – PAC was giving him the opportunity to pursue his dream of studying chartered accountancy. Azhar gladly accepted and has been a high performing student at PAC for the past two years.

After graduating, Azhar plans to begin his career by joining an accounting or auditing firm. He hopes to earn a good income to support his family, as well as his local community. His long-term aspiration is to start his own accounting and auditing firm that will ensure accountability and transparency in Pakistan.

We are immensely grateful to PAC for their partnership with TCF and the potential it has to change the lives of our students through education.