Khoso Village: A Community of Resilience

  December 17, 2022   

A few weeks ago, we met flood-affected children in the village of Khoso in Matiari, Sindh, and were deeply touched by their optimism and resilience. Their contagious smiles, the sparkle in their eyes, and the sheer resolve to continue learning even in the face of adversity gave us so much hope for their better future.

In early September, tragedy shook the people of Khoso when the floods wiped out their homes and belongings. Displacement and loss of livelihood forced families in this farming community to take refuge in makeshift shelters. Among these families are twenty seven children who also attend the TCF school.

“The people of Khoso were living in unimaginable conditions,” shares Ms Hifza, a teacher at the TCF school in Matiari. “We were afraid that a huge number of children from this community would be forced to drop out so we made sure to regularly check up on them.”

We were amazed to see that after losing everything to the floods, families from the Khoso village sent all of their children back to school as soon as the TCF school in Matiari reopened. The floods took away everything but could not damper their hope.

Every morning, you will see a flock of children from this village making their way through broken, flooded roads to their school. There, they experience the joy of learning, discover new things every day and learn about the unlimited potential that each one of them holds within.