TCF's 'Aagahi' Recognised by UNESCO's LitBase!

  December 22, 2016   

We are pleased to announce that TCF’s ‘Aagahi’ Adult Literacy Programme has featured in UNESCO’s LitBase, an online selection of effective adult literacy programmes worldwide. The resource aims to gather key actors in the area, encouraging them to share experiences, pass on lessons and inspire through innovation.
Launched in 2005, Aagahi seeks to support TCF school students through the provision of non-formal literacy, numeracy and basic skills training to their family members, in particular, their mothers. TCF recognises that informed and literate mothers would serve to encourage and assist their children in their own academic journey. The programme facilitates communication between teachers and parents, and contributes to the development of a holistic approach towards education. Essentially, the programme’s 3 key objectives are:
• To contribute to the development of a positive learning environment for students attending the foundation’s schools by improving literacy skills of female family members, especially their mothers.
• To foster an active social engagement of community members residing around TCF schools, primarily women, by improving their literacy skills.
• To make positive improvements in the local community by providing educational opportunities to citizens, primarily women, on health and hygiene.
Primarily targeting women aged between 12 and 65, residing in close proximity to TCF schools, the programme also welcomes girls below the age of 12 or women over 65 who are interested in improving their literacy, numeracy and basic skills. Since its inception, Aagahi has reached communities in 43 towns and cities across Pakistan.
For programme implementation, TCF has partnered with the Literate Pakistan Foundation, which provides technical assistance on content and teaching material. The programme is implemented twice per year, with each phase running over a period of four months. Each phase includes 90 days of classroom sessions and an additional period for planning and coordination.
Carefully designed and implemented, the multi-layered programme places great emphasis on the hiring and subsequent training of competent teachers, enabling them to understand and deliver, keeping in view the programme’s primary objectives. Effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms have also been embedded to ensure quality and consistency.
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