TCF College Students Enthrall Audience at their First Annual Day!

  January 6, 2017   

The TCF College held its first ever Annual Day in December 2016 where the students got an opportunity to express their many talents through a meticulously planned and executed event. The event was led and organized by the students themselves through 16 student committees tasked with planning and executing various elements of the programme.

Warmly greeting guests at the college and escorting them to the event area, the welcome team then led them towards the college tour guides who accompanied the visitors on a comprehensive college visit. The various facilities and provisions of the college were explained and any  queries were addressed by the students themselves.

As the proceedings initiated, the students gave a presentation on the progress they have made since the inception of their college in July. They  informed the audience that in just a few months into their new journey, they are already poised well to achieve the 3 main objectives of their institution: Exceptional Intermediate Results, Personality Development and Top-tier University Admissions.

Eloquent debaters from the student community then delivered their own renditions of landmark speeches by renowned world leaders, writers and change makers: Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Martin Luther King, Mark Antony and Malala Yousufzai. Those with a knack for acting, went on to present the classic comedy Urdu play: ‘Taalem-e-Balighan’.

Along the sidelines of the event, students demonstrated their artistic skills by conducting live calligraphy and architecture design sessions and exhibited their drawing and crafts techniques through various stalls.

TCF College students were able to effectively display their many skills and talents and in doing so demonstrated how a conducive learning environment can hone one’s potential and serve as a platform for success.