Bringing joy to children with storytelling

  July 17, 2020   ,

This story is part of our COVID-19 Response.
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Stories are powerful. We all love listening to stories. They cultivate feelings of empathy and compassion and help us connect with people, cultures and emotions. Stories also serve as a gateway for character-building and socio-emotional learning, especially for children. One of the key ways in which TCF is engaging its students amid school closures is by featuring a compelling storytelling session as part of its Distance Learning and Support TV Programme, Ilm Ka Aangan (The Learning Courtyard).

The programme airs every week on PTV Teleschool and three other TV channels, and every episode includes an exciting new story in a segment called Suno Kahani. In the segment, our dedicated volunteer and one of the finest actors of Pakistan television, Sania Saeed, also known as Kahani Aunty in the show, uses her storytelling prowess and experience and reads out these short stories to engage and delight our young listeners.

These stories have been carefully designed by TCF to cultivate literacy and socio-emotional skills in children. For example, the story ‘Kia Mai Banoon?’ (What should I become?) is about a little girl Alizeh, who has many dreams and struggles to choose one. As the story unfolds, it provides children with a much-needed reminder that their dreams are limitless and they can be anything they want to be. TCF has also partnered with Deaf Reach Pakistan to feature a sign language interpreter in the programme.

We hope that our stories bring joy to millions of children living in poverty and brighten their lives during these difficult times.