Orange Tree Foundation to provide scholarships & workshops for TCF Students

  December 14, 2020   

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and The Orange Tree Foundation (OTF) have signed an agreement whereby OTF will support TCF in keeping learning alive for the less privileged children amid the pandemic. As per the agreement, OTF will provide twenty-five merit and need-based scholarships for the most deserving TCF students affected by the pandemic. OTF will also provide free-of-cost training and workshops for TCF students.

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered the largest education emergency in history. Pakistan is among the 12 countries at risk of increased dropouts and wider learning inequalities – putting an entire generation at risk of losing out on education.

With the aim of narrowing education inequality, the Orange Tree Foundation (OTF) commenced its work in 2011 in Karachi. OTF hosts its own in-house Montessori program where students are prepared to gain admission to top schools. Alongside children, there is a strong focus on the parents whereby mothers are also provided education and groomed to ensure that the family as a whole benefits from the blessing of education. OTF also provides school and college/university scholarships to students who are eager to study but do not possess the financial means. This educational scholarships program has evolved over the years and become one of the strongest pillars of OTF today. Today, OTF has enrolled 235 students in mainstream schools and impacted 105 households.